Managing Search Alert Subscriptions in Coveo JavaScript Search Pages

Coveo JavaScript Search Framework 1.1276.18 - September 2016  Any authenticated users can create, review, and manage search alert subscriptions in a Coveo JavaScript Search page getting results from a Coveo Cloud organization.

Users can among other things stop following queries or items, and change the frequency at which they receive email notifications.

A user of the Admin role (in Coveo Cloud V1) can also review and manage search alerts from the Coveo Cloud administration console (see Reviewing and Managing Search Alert Subscriptions in the Coveo Cloud Administration Console).

To create and manage search alert subscriptions in Coveo JS Search pages

  1. Access and log into your organization search interface.

  2. In the search interface, you can:

Create Search Alerts

  1. Log in to your search interface.

  2. Perform a query for which you want to receive notifications when new related results are available or find the item (document) for which you want to receive update notifications.

  3. Follow the search element to receive email notifications (see Understanding the Search Alerts Email Workflow):

    • You will receive emails, one for each subscription, at the email address you are currently authenticated with.

    • By default, email notifications are sent daily at 8:00 PM UTC starting the day following the subscription. You can modify the frequency of the notifications (see Select the notification frequency).

    • The email contains the items (documents) that have changed, but does not highlight what has changed in the items.

    • If a change occurs less than 10 minutes following a new subscription, you will not receive a notification.

    • For a query, next to the search box, click the settings icon (ac8-settingsicon), and then select Follow Query.

      You can refine your query by selecting facet values and even search only using facets before selecting Follow Query (see Refining Search Results Using Facets).

      You want to receive an alert when a new car manual is added to your company intranet but only if the manual is a PDF file. You search for car manual, and then select the PDF File facet value in the File Type section. Aftger clicking Follow Query, the following pop-up appears:


    • For a search result, under the result title, click Follow.

      For every search result that you follow, you can stop receiving alerts by clicking Stop Following under the result title.

Manage Search Alerts

  1. Next to the search box, click the settings icon (ac8-settingsicon), and then select Manage Alerts

  2. In the Manage Alerts window that appears, for each alert you can:

    • Select the notification frequency

      In the When column, click the drop-down menu, and then select one of the following values: Monthly, Daily, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

      Email notifications are sent at 8:00 PM UTC.

    • Stop receiving notifications

      In the Action column, click Stop Following.

      You can click Follow to cancel. Otherwise, once you quit the window, the unfollowed item or query disappears.

  3. Once done, press ESC or click outside the window to return to the search interface.