Add or Edit a Dropbox (Personal) Source

Members of the Administrators and Content Managers built-in groups can add the content of an individual Dropbox account to a Coveo Cloud organization. Coveo Cloud indexes your Dropbox files to make them searchable only by the source creator. A Dropbox (personal) source starts a refresh every hour to index Dropbox file changes (additions, modifications, or deletions).

Members with the required privileges could use the View all content option in the Content Browser, edit and rebuild sources, or set content security to Shared to see personal Dropbox content (see Browse All the Content of Your Organization Index and Content Security). Also, setting content security to Shared allows any user (authenticated or not) that can access a given search interface to see the source content. It is thus recommended to only create Dropbox (personal) sources for Dropbox that contain no sensitive data.

When you create the source, you authorize the Coveo organization to read your Dropbox account using OAuth 2.0, a protocol that authorizes access without giving your password.

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