Adding a Jira Source

You can add the content of a Jira instance to your Coveo organization. The source can be secured, shared or private (see Source Permission Types).

For Jira 7+ instances, the source can also be of type Secured. Thanks to a new Atlassian API, the source now supports the Jira security model by indexing most Jira item permission types (see table below) so that in Coveo search results, a user searching for Jira content only sees the content to which they have access in Jira. The Coveo Jira Plugin for on-premises Jira is however still needed for all permission types in version 6 and to fully support all permission types in version 7.

Supported Jira permission types without plugin Jira on-premises instance version


Group & user
Application role
Time Tracking

The Jira source doesn’t support incremental refresh. A source full refresh is required to update the source content (see Modify a Source Schedule).

Source Features Summary

Features Supported Additional information
Jira version 6.1 to 7.2.7  
Searchable content types

Projects1, issues, comments, attachments, and work logs

Content update Incremental refresh

Rescan or rebuild needed to retrieve:

  • Changes (creation, modification, deletion) on projects

  • Deletion of issues

Full refresh  
Permission types Secured

Requires the Coveo plugin.


1: Project metadata is included on the issues of the project, but the projects themselves aren’t included.

Add a Jira Source

To edit a Jira source, see Edit the Source Configuration to Re-index its Content or Re-authorize the Access, and then follow the steps below, starting from step 6.

  1. Ensure your environment meets the following requirement:

    • Atlassian Jira 6.1 to 7.2.1

    • Atlassian Jira server accessible to Coveo Cloud

      When the access to communication ports between Coveo Cloud and the Jira server is restricted, the appropriate port(s) must be opened in the network infrastructure such as in firewalls to allow Coveo Cloud to access the content.

  2. On your Jira server:

    1. When you want to create a secured Jira source for an on-premises Jira instance, you must download and install the following Coveo plugin for Jira depending on your Jira version (see Installing the Coveo Plugin for Atlassian Jira):

    2. Select or create a user that the source will use to retrieve your Jira content.

      You must choose which Jira account the source uses to retrieve the content of your Jira instance. The source will only include issues to which the user identity you supply is granted access to. You must therefore assign the user identity to all necessary Jira permission schemes required to gain access to the issues to include.

      When you want to index permissions, you must also grant the Jira Administrators global permission to this user identity (see Managing global permissions).

  3. If not already done, log in to your Coveo organization.

  4. In the navigation bar on the left, under Search Content, select Sources, and then click Add Source.

  5. On the Add Source page, click Jira.

    When you create a source, you become the owner of the source.

  6. In the Add/Edit a Jira Source dialog box:


    1. In the Source Name box, enter a descriptive name of your choice for the source.

    2. In the URL box, enter the base URL of the Jira server that you want to index.


    3. In the Security drop-down menu, select if you want your Jira content to be Secured, Shared or Private (see Source Permission Types).

      If you select Shared, in search results, users can see all the items that the indexing account can access.

    4. In the Username and Password boxes, enter the credentials of a dedicated indexing account with the Jira Administrators global permission you selected or created before in step 2.

      When you want to only index public Jira content, enter the credentials of an account that only has access to unsecured content.

    5. Click Content To Include to show more parameters and select the type(s) of Jira content to index.

      By default, all content under the Jira domain is indexed.

    6. Click Start Indexing (or Refresh Index when editing the source).

  7. Back on the Sources page, you can review the progress of your Jira source addition (see Review the State of Sources Available to You).

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