Adding a Jira Source

You can add the content of a Jira instance to your Coveo Cloud organization. The source can be secured, shared or private (see Source Permission Types).

For Jira 7+ instances, the source can also be of type Secured. Thanks to a new Atlassian API, the source now supports the Jira security model by indexing most Jira item permission types (see table below) so that in Coveo search results, a user searching for Jira content only sees the content to which they have access in Jira. The Coveo Jira Plugin for on-premises Jira is however still needed for all permission types in version 6 and to fully support all permission types in version 7.

Supported Jira permission types without plugin Jira on-premises instance version


Group & user
Application role
Time Tracking

The Jira source does not support incremental refresh. A source full refresh is required to update the source content (see Modify a Source Schedule).