Why Do I Get the No Search Statistic/No Matching Results Error Messages in My Report?

Both messages are shown in usage analytics cards when no data match the query. The filter(s) applied in your report may be too precise or may be filtering out all the data of the card(s) at issue. More often than not, adjusting the filter or simply removing dimensions that caused metric value to be diluted (the more precise the scope of a dimension is, when mixed with other dimensions, the more chances those error messages can appear) in a card resolve the matter.

In a table, you want to list user Ids that have more than 40 clicks.


You then want to know the Visit Id in which those clicks occur, so you add the Visit Id dimension in the table.


You get the No search statistics error message since the range of the filter is no longer the same. Instead of showing the User Id with 40 clicks or more, you now see every visit Id (for a given User Id) in which 40 clicks or more occur, which in this case is none.

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