Index - Page

If your Coveo Cloud V2 organization uses an Elasticsearch index, you can review and manage this index from the Index page, along with any additional index you may add (see Index, Elastic, Review the Product Name, Product Type, Product Edition, and Index Type, and Add an Index). With a Coveo index, however, this page is not available.

The Index page shows a list of the indexes used in your organization. Typically, you have only one index, which is the default index created with your organization. However, you may want to add additional indexes to your organization, for instance as a backup (see Add an Index)

The Index page table shows:

  • Name: the index name and ID

  • Status: the index status (see Index Status)

  • Items: the number of items in the index

The Today’s Query Count and Last Update values are not available for now. They will be displayed following an upcoming Coveo Cloud V2 release.

The Index page also allows you to add a new index to your Coveo Cloud V2 organization (see Add an Index).