Managing Your Organization Indexes

If your Coveo Cloud organization uses an Elasticsearch index, you can review and manage this index from the Index page, along with any additional index you may have added (see Index, Elastic, License, and Add an Index). With a Coveo index, however, this page is not available.

The Index page shows a list of the indexes used in your organization. Typically, you have only one index, which is the default index created with your organization. However, if your organization uses an Elasticsearch index, you may want to add additional Elasticsearch indexes to your organization, for instance as a backup (see Add an Index).

The Index page table shows:

  • Name: the index name and ID

  • Status: the index status (see Index Status)

  • Items: the number of items in the index

The Index page also allows you to add a new Elasticsearch index to your Coveo Cloud organization (see Add an Index).

Access the “Index” Page

The Index page is only available in organizations that have an Elasticsearch index (see License).

  1. If not already done, log in to the Coveo Cloud platform as a member of a group with the required privileges to manage indexes in the target Coveo Cloud organization.

  2. In the main menu on the left, under Organization, select Index.

Index Status

On the Index page, the Status of an index indicates whether it can receive queries and index new items.

  • Online: index is currently available.

  • Offline: index does not receive any query.

  • Read/Write: index receives and indexes items.

  • Read-Only: index does not index items.

Review Index Details

You can review additional information regarding your indexes such as their size and date of last transaction. On the Index page, click the desired index, and then in the Action bar, click Details.

Filter Indexes

On the Index page, in the right section of the Action bar, type keywords in the Filter box. You can filter indexes by name, status, number of items, query count, or last update.

Add an Elasticsearch Index

You can add additional Elasticsearch indexes to your Coveo Cloud organization, for instance when you want to include a cold backup index in your system architecture or when your company has an index per continent on which it does business (see High Availability Software).

On the Index page, click Add Index. In the Add an Index panel that appears, enter your index JSON configuration, and then click Add Index.

Edit an Index JSON Configuration

You can edit the JSON configuration of an Elasticsearch index. On the Index page, click the desired index, and then in the Action bar, click Edit JSON to edit its JSON configuration. In the Index Configuration panel that appears, edit your index JSON configuration, and then click Save.

The Index Configuration panel for your original index, i.e., the index with which you first created your organization, is empty by default.

Review the Activity Regarding Indexes

In the page, click the Activity icon (ac8-icon-clock) to review the Activity panel (see Review Events Related to Specific Coveo Cloud Administration Console Resources).

If the Activity icon is grayed and unresponsive, you do not have all required privileges to perform this action.

Required Privileges

The following table indicates the privileges required to view or edit elements of the Index page and associated panels (see Privilege Management and Privilege Reference).

Action Service - Privilege Required access level
View index

Organization - Activities

Organization - Elasticsearch index

Organization - Organization

Edit index

Organization - Activities

Organization - Organization


Organization - Elasticsearch index