Navigating the Coveo Cloud Administration Console Using a Keyboard

Any Coveo Cloud organization members can use the Navigate to box to quickly reach the Coveo Cloud administration console page, panel, or usage analytics report they want to review.

To navigate the administration console using a keyboard

  1. log in to the Coveo Cloud platform with your account.

  2. In the Coveo Cloud administration console, open the Navigate to box by pressing Ctrl+K on Windows or cmd+K on Mac.

  3. After clicking the Navigate to box:


    1. Type Coveo Cloud administration console text, such as page and usage analytics report titles.

      • The pages, panels, and reports you can access are based on your granted privileges (see Understanding Privileges).

      • You can currently reach the following creation dialog boxes using the query between parentheses:

        • Add a Source of Searchable Content (Sources - Create)

        • Add a Field (Fields - Create)

        • Add a Data Export (Data Exports - Create)

        • Add a Dimension (Dimensions - Create)

        • Add a Named Filter (Named Filters - Create)

        • Add a Permission Filter (Permissions Filters - Create)

      • You can also add new usage analytics reports using the following queries:

        • Report - Dashboard - Create

        • Report - Explorer - Create

      • Enter Sources to reach the Sources page.

      • Enter Report - Dashboard - Summary to reach the Summary dashboard.

    2. Use keyboard arrows to reach the desired suggested values, and then press Enter or press Ctrl + Enter (cmd + Enter on Mac) to reach the destination in a new browser tab.

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