Managing Fields for a Source

On the Search Content > Fields page, you can perform a few tasks to manage fields for a source.


  • Click Edit at the end of the field line or click the field in the Name column to edit it.

    Only the system field Extraction Method can be edited using post conversion scripts or literal strings. You can’t change the system field name, its source type or the allowed options the field can be used as.

    When you’re done, click Save Field, and then Apply Changes. The source is being rebuilt.

    Rebuilding a source re-indexes all items of a source. For a source with a large number of items, a rebuild can take a significant amount of time and consume a significant number of API calls.

  • Once the field is applied to the source, click Open-in-Content-Browser at the end of the field line to see the search results for your field in the Content Browser.

  • Click Delete at the end of the field line or select the field check box, and then click Remove to delete the field that you want to remove.

    You can’t remove system fields.

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