About Thesaurus

The thesaurus associated with your Coveo Organization is a list of synonyms or equivalent keywords/expressions used to transparently expand queries. The purpose of thesaurus rules is to improve search result relevance, helping users to find more easily what they are looking for, even when they enter keywords that are not found or not the most appropriate for the items they are trying to find.

You notice that some users enter the following query when they are looking for the server requirements for a software solution.

You also notice that this query does not return the item they are looking for because this item does not contain this keyword, rather containing requirements in its title and body.

You then add a thesaurus entry containing spec, specs, and requirements.

With this thesaurus entry, when a user enters spec or specs in the search box, in the background, the query is expanded to:

spec OR specs OR requirements

All items containing either keywords are returned, including the one they are typically looking for.

What’s Next?

Learn what to consider before adding thesaurus rules (see Thesaurus Leading Practices).