Logging Into Coveo Cloud V1

Once you signed up to a Coveo Cloud Organization (see Signing Up and Joining a Coveo Cloud V1 Organization), you can log in to the Coveo Cloud Platform to manage the Organization using the administration console.

To log in to Coveo Cloud

  1. Using a browser, go to cloud.coveo.com.

  2. In the login page:


    • Use a Salesforce account

      1. Click Connect with Salesforce.

      2. Click Production or a Sandbox account.

      3. In the Salesforce login page, enter your Salesforce account credentials, and then click Log In.

      4. In the Allow Access? page, click Allow to authorize the listed privileges relative to your Salesforce account for the Coveo Admin.


    • Use a Coveo Cloud account

      In the Email and Password boxes, enter the credentials of your Coveo Cloud account, and the click Log In.

  3. In the Select an Organization page, when you have access to more than one Organization, click the desired Organization.