2017-10-23 Update

Coveo Relevance Cloud

Manage Mapping Rules

The mapping rule management feature has been redesigned and moved to a dedicated panel. This panel looks similar to the indexing pipeline extension management panel and provides a list of mapping rules as well as information regarding the fields that are generated from the metadata. The mapping rule creation panel has also been improved.

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Include OneDrive for Business Content

You can now use the OneDrive for Business source to add shared, secured, or private content, and therefore make your OneDrive for Business instance searchable.

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Updated Sitecore Source

The Add a Sitecore Source panel has been updated to reflect its actual use case. It now displays a message inviting users to configure a Sitecore source in their Coveo for Sitecore instance.

Links to the documentation have also been added to help users download Coveo for Sitecore and get started.

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