Mapping Custom SharePoint Metadata Fields to Coveo Fields

You can map custom metadata fields in a SharePoint Online document library to a custom field in the Coveo Cloud V1 index.

To map custom SharePoint metadata fields to Coveo custom fields

  1. Log in to Office 365 Admin center with an administrator account.

  2. In the navigation menu on the left, click Admin centers > SharePoint.

  3. If not already done, create a custom SharePoint metadata field:

    1. Access the page of the SharePoint list in which you want to create the field:

      1. In the SharePoint admin center, in the site collections page, click the URL of the SharePoint site that contains the list.

      2. In the site collection properties panel that appears, click the Web Site Address.

      3. In the [Site_Name] page, in the navigation menu on the left, click Site Contents, and then click the list Name.

    2. In the [List_Name] page, create a column for the new metadata:

      1. In the action menu, click Quick edit.

      2. In the table header, click the + icon, and then select More Column Types.

      3. In the Add Column panel that appears:

        1. Enter a Column Name.

          Product Line

        2. Under The type of information in this column is, select the Single line of text radio button.

        3. Click OK.

    3. In the column you just created, in the cell of the first item, enter the field default value, and then under the site name, click Done.


      The column should appear at the end of the table.

      If the column does not appear :

      1. In the table header, click the + icon, and then select Show/hide columns.

      2. In the Edit view columns panel, select the checkbox next to the column name, and then click Apply.

  4. Retrieve the metadata field name that will be used to fill the Coveo custom field:

    1. In the [List_Name] page, in the table header, next to the metadata column label, click the down-arrow icon, and then select Ascending or Descending.

    2. In the browser address bar, note the value between sortField= and &.


  5. If not already done, log in to your Coveo Organization.

  6. Add a field using the custom SharePoint metadata (see Adding Fields to a Source).

    • In the Metadata Name box, enter the value you noted in step 4.c. in the following format:



    • (If any) Enter a Default Value.


What’s Next?

Once the SharePoint Online source is rebuilt, ensure the mapping worked as expected (see Inspecting Items With the Content Browser).