Search Alerts

The Coveo Cloud search alerts service allows users to subscribe to search queries or search results from a Coveo JavaScript Search interface and receive email notifications when the followed queries or results change. By following queries, users are alerted when the results for a followed query have changed.

Coveo for Salesforce 2.29 (September 2016) Once the Coveo Cloud search alerts service is enabled in your Coveo Cloud V1 organization, you can configure a Coveo JavaScript Search page in Salesforce to include the service options in search result cards and search page settings.

Search for the item or the query you want to follow, and then click the Follow link or the Follow Query option is all you have to do receive update notifications. You can then manage alerts directly in the search page settings (see Managing Search Alert Subscriptions in Coveo JavaScript Search Pages).

In the Coveo Cloud V1 Administration Console, users can also manage search alerts and edit email notification template (see Reviewing and Managing Search Alert Subscriptions in the Coveo Cloud Administration Console).

What’s Next?

In Salesforce, deploy the search alerts service on your Coveo JavaScript Search page (see Deploying Search Alerts on a Coveo JS Search Page).

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