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SearchSection2 The tools available in the Search section of the Coveo Cloud Administration Console navigation menu allow members of the Administrators and Relevance Managers built-in groups of your Coveo Cloud organization to test new and existing SEO strategies to optimize search results relevance and search experience in general.

From the Search section, you can access the various available tools that enable you to manually fine-tune and efficiently test the modifications applied to your search solution:

“Query Pipelines” Page

Each search request made by a user must go through a query pipeline. The pipeline then modifies the request to optimize the results according to the current context.

On the Query Pipelines page, you can optimize the relevance of your search solution by managing query pipeline rules and Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) models/associations.

From this page, you can, among other things:

  • Create, edit, and delete query pipeline rules

  • Set your default query pipeline

  • Manage query pipeline conditions

For more information on the Query Pipelines page, see Adding and Managing Query Pipelines.

“A/B Tests” Page

On the A/B Tests page, you can configure tests to compare the performance of two versions of a specific query pipeline. Setting up an A/B test is useful to evaluate whether a new query pipeline rule (e.g., a new query ranking expression) has a positive impact on relevance.

From this page, you can create, activate, deactivate, delete, and tune A/B tests.

For more information on the A/B Tests page, see Adding and Managing A/B Tests.

“Conditions” Page

To provide your users with the best possible search experience, you can create query pipeline conditions which can be used to route search requests to the desired query pipeline, and to ensure that certain rules only apply in their intended context.

On the Conditions page, you can manage the way conditions influence your query pipelines, query pipeline rules and Coveo ML models. More specifically, this section allows you to create, edit, and delete conditions.

For more information on the Conditions page, see Adding and Managing Query Pipeline Conditions.

“Search Pages” Page

On the Search Pages page, you can conveniently create Coveo hosted search pages.

More specifically, this page allows you to:

  • Add, edit, and delete hosted search pages

  • Conveniently navigate all created search pages

  • Customize your search pages

  • Manage access to your search pages

For more information on the Search Pages page, see Adding and Managing Search Pages.

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