Misspelled Words

Search users sometimes enter keywords in the search box with a typo or an incorrect spelling. Coveo Cloud includes a Did You Mean feature that can often detect such errors and automatically suggest or correct the erroneous query terms.

When a queried term is found to be not present or rarely present in indexed items, Coveo Cloud looks for terms with close spelling and a significantly higher number of occurrences in your index. When such terms are found, the closest most frequent term is suggested as an alternative spelling. The relevance of the suggestions improve with the size of the index as more correctly spelled terms are available for comparison.

  • The Did You Mean feature will return no corrections when the query is processed by an Automatic Relevance Tuning (ART) model whose Intelligent Term Detection (ITD) feature is enabled.

  • The Did You Mean algorithm does not try to correct the following:

    • Wildcard expressions


    • Terms being 3 characters or less long

    • Terms beginning with a digit

If you misspell the word billing by typing belling in the search box, the Coveo Cloud Did You Mean feature automatically corrects or suggests a better spelling. You can then click the suggestion to retrieve the corresponding results.


You can also configure the Coveo Cloud JavaScript search interface to automatically use the corrected query suggestion (see Interface Editor). In this case, Coveo Cloud automatically corrects the misspelled word in a query before retrieving the search results, but displays a Query was automatically corrected to message below the search box panel to indicate that an automatic correction was performed.

With the Enable Machine Learning query suggestions addon option selected in a JavaScript search interface, when you misspell the word excerpt by typing excert in the search box, Coveo Cloud automatically replaces the misspelled term with the corrected term in the search box, and displays a Query was automatically corrected to message below the search box panel.

Should you encounter issues with the Did You Mean feature, see Troubleshooting Querying Issues.