View or Edit a Salesforce Object Body

When adding or editing a Salesforce source (see Add or Edit a Salesforce Source or Customizing the Salesforce Source Configuration in Cloud V2), you can decide to change what is indexed as the body of your object.

The body of your object is used both as the excerpt and as the quick view of your item in your search page. For more detailed information, see Coveo Excerpt Component and Coveo Quickview Component.

To edit the Salesforce Object body

  1. Open your Salesforce source Configuration tab (see Customizing the Salesforce Source Configuration in Cloud V2).

  2. Select the object of which you want to change the body.

  3. Select the Body button.


  4. Under Content, enter your new body. Keep in mind the following things:

    • You can enter content to be treated as HTML, given you enter it inside an <html> element.

      You wish to change your Account object to display the account description, account number, and account phone number.

      Under Content, you enter the following information:

        <html><div>%[Description]</div><div>Account Number: %[AccountNumber]</div><div>Phone Number: %[Phone]</div></html>
    • You can display Salesforce field values by using the following syntax, replacing SalesforceFieldName with the Salesforce field API name: %[SalesforceFieldName]

    • You can find the Salesforce field API name in the Salesforce Field column, in gray italics.


  5. Once you are satisfied with the content for your body, select Apply Changes.

What’s Next?

Complete your source addition or edition (see Customizing the Salesforce Source Configuration in Cloud V2).