Available Coveo Cloud V1 Source Types

A source is a Coveo Cloud organization index subdivision containing indexed items from a given repository. A source connects to a specific repository and continuously indexes its content to make it searchable by users that have appropriate permissions. When you create a source, you become the owner of the source.

The Coveo Platform can also be deployed on-premises to index the content of many of your on-premises repositories (see Coveo Platform Connectors).

Source Secured Shared Private Help
Salesforce * * [more]
Salesforce Content * * [more]
Salesforce Knowledge * [more]
Confluence [more]

Drive * [more]
Drive for Work [more]

Dropbox * [more]

Exchange * [more]


* [more]
Jira [more]
Jira Cloud [more]
Jive [more]
Jive Cloud [more]

Lithium * [more]

RSS * [more]

SharePoint [more]

SharePoint Legacy [more]
SharePoint Online [more]

Sitemap [more]

Web [more]
YouTube * [more]

* means a source permission type only accessible once the source is created in the Sources page (see Adding and Managing Your Coveo Cloud V1 Organization Sources).

Source Permission Types

Icon-SourceSecuritySecured Secured

In Coveo search results, a user only sees items from the secured source to which he/she has access within the source application itself.

Customer support users can’t see sales opportunities in Salesforce. They will never see opportunities appear in search results.

Icon-SourceSecurityPrivate Private

Only the owner of the source can search the content of a private source.

Icon-SourceSecurityShared Shared

All Coveo search users can search all the indexed content of a shared source.

  • By default, sources start an incremental refresh every 15 minutes to index new, deleted, or modified content so that it becomes searchable shortly after.

  • You can modify source refresh schedules (see Adding and Managing Your Coveo Cloud V1 Organization Sources).

  • Salesforce and Salesforce Knowledge are separate source types because permissions for Salesforce Knowledge items can’t be indexed.

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