Available Coveo Cloud V1 Source Types

A source is a Coveo Cloud organization index subdivision containing indexed items from a given repository. A source connects to a specific repository and continuously indexes its content to make it searchable by users that have appropriate permissions. When you create a source, you become the owner of the source.

The Coveo Platform can also be deployed on-premises to index the content of many of your on-premises repositories (see Coveo Platform Connectors).

Source Secured Shared Private Help
Salesforce * * [more]
Salesforce Content * * [more]
Salesforce Knowledge * [more]
Confluence [more]

Drive * [more]
Drive for Work [more]

Dropbox * [more]

Exchange * [more]


* [more]
Jira [more]
Jira Cloud [more]
Jive [more]
Jive Cloud [more]

Lithium * [more]

RSS * [more]

SharePoint [more]

SharePoint Legacy [more]
SharePoint Online [more]

Sitemap [more]

Web [more]
YouTube * [more]

* means a source permission type only accessible once the source is created on the Sources page (see Adding and Managing Your Coveo Cloud V1 Organization Sources).

Source Permission Types

Source-Security-Secured Secured

In Coveo search results, a user only sees items from the secured source to which they have access within the source application itself.

Customer support users can’t see sales opportunities in Salesforce. They will never see opportunities appear in search results.

Source-Security-Private Private

Only the owner of the source can search the content of a private source.

Source-Security-Shared Shared

All Coveo search users can search all the indexed content of a shared source.

  • By default, sources start an incremental refresh every 15 minutes to index new, deleted, or modified content so that it becomes searchable shortly after.

  • You can modify source refresh schedules (see Adding and Managing Your Coveo Cloud V1 Organization Sources).

  • Salesforce and Salesforce Knowledge are separate source types because permissions for Salesforce Knowledge items can’t be indexed.

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