2018-03-14 Update

Coveo Relevance Cloud

Include SharePoint On-Premises Content

You can now use the SharePoint source to add private, shared, or secured enterprise content, and therefore make your SharePoint on-premises instance searchable.

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Elasticsearch Index Page

A new Indexes (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page lets you manage your Elasticsearch indexes. You can review details regarding these indexes such as their status and size, and add or edit Elasticsearch indexes.

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Machine Learning Model Details

On the Machine Learning (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page, the details of a Machine Learning model can give you a clear overview of the learning process of a specific model. You can review how many items are known per search hub, what are the top user queries, etc.

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Filter Security Identities by Date

In the Explore Security Identities panel, you can now filter security identities by last update date. This lets you single out identities that have not been successfully updated for troubleshooting purposes.

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