Enable the ADFS Service Endpoint URL Path

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SharePoint uses ADFS as a trusted identity provider. Your ADFS service endpoint URL paths must be enabled to allow the Coveo security identity provider to authenticate users in SharePoint (see Add or Edit a SharePoint Server Source).

To find and enable the ADFS service endpoint URL path:

  1. Access the AD FS 2.0 Management Console (Windows Start menu > All Programs > Administrative Tools > AD FS 2.0 Management).

  2. In the AD FS 2.0 Management Console, under Services, select Endpoints.

  3. In the Url Path column, look for endpoint /adfs/services/trust/2005/usernamemixed.

  4. If the endpoint is disabled, right-click it, and then select Enable.

  5. If you have many ADFS server environments, repeat steps 3 and 4 for endpoint /adfs/services/trust/2005/issuedtokenmixedsymmetricbasic256.