Editing a Coveo Machine Learning Model Without Service Interruption

You can edit an existing Coveo™ Machine Learning (Coveo ML) model (for Automatic Relevance Tuning [ART] or Query Suggestions) that is in Ready state, but currently however, the service supplied by a Machine Learning model will be interrupted for about one hour while the model is trained with the new configuration (see Coveo Machine Learning Models).

You want to change the configuration of your Query Suggestions model. After changing at least one parameter, once you click Apply in the Edit a Machine Learning Model panel, no suggestions will appear below the search box using this model in this pipeline for about one hour.

While a service interruption may be acceptable in a developer or staging environment, it is obviously not in a production environment.

The work around is to rather create a new model with the desired configuration, wait for the new model to be ready, and then make the new model active, as described in detail in the following procedure (see Who Can Perform the Page Actions).