Choosing the JavaScript Search Result Template to Modify With the Legacy Interface Editor

Coveo for Salesforce 2.3 - July 2015 

Coveo for Salesforce 1.0.901 - June 2015 

Coveo JavaScript Search Framework 1.0.20 - July 2018 

You can define more than one search result template with the Coveo JavaScript Search Interface Editor. When you want to customize a search result template, the first step is to select the template to modify.

To choose the search result template to modify

  1. In Salesforce, navigate to the Coveo search page for which you want to configure search results templates, and then access the Interface Editor (see Accessing the Coveo Legacy Interface Editor in Salesforce).

  2. In the search interface, click anywhere in the search results area to show the Result list parameters in the interface Editor.


  3. Select an existing template using one of the following methods:

    You can also create a new template based on an existing one (see Creating a JavaScript Search Result Template With the Legacy Interface Editor).

    • From a search result (best practice)

      1. In the search results, hover over a search result of the type you wish to modify.


      2. Hover the pencil icon (Icon-Pencil3a) that appears in the upper-right corner of a search result to see the tooltip indicating the template Id associated with the result and ensure it is the template that you want to modify.

        When a search result is not associated with the desired template, change the condition of the desired template to uniquely match this result (see Creating a JavaScript Search Result Template With the Legacy Interface Editor).

      3. Click the pencil icon (Icon-Pencil3a) to edit this template.

      This is the best method, as the search result preview shows you how this result appears while you make changes.

    • From a template

      In the Interface Editor, under Result list > Templates, click the Edit icon (Icon-Pencil4) for the template that you want to modify.


The search interface is hidden and replaced by the template grid.

What’s Next?

Consider customizing the template grid to add or remove rows and cells (see Modifying a JavaScript Search Result Template Grid With the Legacy Interface Editor).