Adding Content to Your Coveo Cloud V1 Organization

Once you created a Coveo organization, you can bring content into the Organization by adding sources. A source is a Coveo organization index subdivision containing indexed items from a given repository.

The search results appearing in the Coveo Insight Panel and the Expanded Search come from the sources, so without sources, there are no results. If not already done, when you created the Organization (see Creating Your Coveo Cloud V1 Organization), ensure to include at least a Salesforce source.

The Coveo for Salesforce benefits increase with the number of available sources as you can simultaneously search across more siloed systems such as customer relation management (CRM), email, shared files, and social platform.

To add content to your Coveo organization

  1. If not already done, log in to your Coveo organization.

  2. In the navigation bar on the left, under Search Content, select Sources, and then click Add Source.

  3. On the Add Source page, click one of the available buttons to create a new source (see Available Coveo Cloud V1 Source Types).


    When you create a source, you become the owner of the source.

What’s Next?

  • Consider adding Salesforce content to feed the Coveo Insight Boxes (see Adding a Salesforce Source).

  • See the articles in this section for more information on adding sources of available types.

What's Next for Me?