Managing Query Pipeline Ranking Expressions

On top of the default ranking factors (see Managing Query Pipeline Ranking Weights), you can influence items ranking score by adding query ranking expressions (see Required Privileges).

A query ranking expression (QRE) boosts or lowers the score of search results matching an expression. When a member of your Coveo™ Organization performs a query, the Coveo Cloud Platform returns results based on the ranking factors set in your Coveo Cloud organization. From these results, those that match a query ranking expression will have their ranking score either increased or decreased, depending on the settings you specified. When the search interface sorting is set to Relevance, the search results are presented in descending relevance score order to present the most pertinent items at the top.

The pre-tuned ranking weights used by the Coveo Cloud Platform for each of the ranking factor have been optimized over years of experience with a wide variety of indexed content to produce highly satisfying out-of-the-box relevance scores in most cases. Thus, query ranking expressions should be used only to influence search results relevance in particular contexts.

  • Query ranking expressions apply in the order you defined them. If two query ranking expressions concern the same expression, the ranking value of these QRE are added together.

    You have a query ranking expression boosting the Salesforce for outlook expression by 100 and another that lowers the same expression by 50. The final result in the index is +50.

  • When a query pipeline contains Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) models, avoid or minimize the use of ranking expression rules. Ranking expression rules are static and can thus negatively impact Coveo ML models which follow trends. Therefore, create ranking expression rules with caution.

The following diagram shows the process of a query being sent to a Coveo Cloud organization and the order of execution of query pipeline features (see Order of Execution of Query Pipeline Features).


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