Changing Your Forgotten Coveo Cloud V1 Organization Password

You can securely change your password without logging in to your Coveo Organization, for example when you forget your password.

To change your forgotten password

  1. Go to the Coveo Cloud Platform Log In page.

  2. In the Log In dialog box, click the Forgot your password? link.

  3. In the Forgot Your Password? page, enter the email address associated with your Coveo Organization account, and then click Send Me Reset Instructions.

  4. Access your email application to open the email you received from Coveo (subject: You requested to reset your Coveo Organization password), and then click Reinitialize Password.


  5. Back in your browser, in the Coveo Organization Reinitialize Password page that appears, enter a secure new password in both the Choose your new password and Confirm your new password boxes, and then click Change.

  6. In the Log In page automatically filled with your email address and new password, click Log In to ensure that the password change process is successful.

  7. Note your new password in a safe location.