Coveo Cloud Usage Analytics Use Cases

Coveo usage analytics can be useful in several use cases such as the following main scenarios:

Scenario 1 - Usage Analytics for Coveo for Salesforce

A Coveo Cloud organization is often created to host a cloud index that indexes Salesforce and other cloud content. This content becomes searchable for Coveo for Salesforce users (see Coveo Cloud V2 for Administrators). The usage analytics is automatically available and configured for these Coveo Cloud organizations.

Scenario 2 - Usage Analytics for Coveo for Sitecore

Coveo Cloud V2 organizations can retrieve Sitecore and other content (Enterprise editions only). Once included in a Coveo organization, this content becomes searchable for Coveo for Sitecore users. Coveo for Sitecore clients with Pro and Enterprise editions can then review the analytics data gathered from Coveo search pages directly in Coveo Cloud (see Coveo Cloud V2 for Administrators).

The Coveo Usage Analytics module, required to capture search page events, is enabled by default in Coveo search pages (see Coveo Usage Analytics and Usage Analytics Recorded Events).

Scenario 3 - Usage Analytics for Enterprise Search Pages

Coveo Cloud organizations can be used to retrieve various cloud and on-premises content (see Available Coveo Cloud V2 Source Types). This content becomes searchable to end users when made available in Coveo JavaScript Search pages such as an enterprise intranet. Usage analysts can then use the Coveo Cloud Platform to review the usage analytics data received from the Coveo search pages with the usage analytics feature enabled. By default, usage analytics are enabled in Coveo Cloud hosted search pages (see Search Pages - Page).

Scenario 4 - Usage Analytics for an On-Premises Index

An index-less Coveo Cloud organization can also be created to host the usage analytics service for an on-premises Coveo unified index. Your various search interfaces (Coveo JavaScript Search, Coveo .NET Front-End, Coveo for Sitecore) or search applications must be configured to send usage events to the Coveo Cloud organization. Administrators can then review the usage analytics data from the administration console of their Coveo Cloud organization.

Coveo Professional Services must be involved to create the Organization and help configure your search interfaces to send usage analytics data to the Organization. Contact Coveo Sales for details.