Coveo Usage Analytics Use Cases

For every Coveo integration, Coveo offers a powerful usage analytics (Coveo UA) service that allows you to gather precious insights on your end-users’ behavior. In addition, this information feeds your Coveo Machine Learning models which intelligently provides the best available information to your end users.

Coveo can be integrated in your instance of Salesforce, Sitecore, ServiceNow, or Microsoft Dynamics 365 thus retrieving its content and storing it to your Coveo Cloud organization. In addition, Coveo Cloud organizations can be used to retrieve additional content from various cloud and on-premises sources (see Available Connectors).

Usage Analytics for Coveo Integrations

Coveo UA is leveraged in the following products:

Usage Analytics for Enterprise Search Pages

Out-of-the-box, Coveo search interfaces (Coveo JavaScript Search and Coveo hosted search pages) push a set of standard search-related events and associated dimensions to the Coveo UA database on which metrics can be calculated. However, depending on your implementation, some search interfaces or search applications must be configured to send standard or custom usage events to the Coveo Cloud organization (see Coveo Analytics Component). Administrators and usage analysts can then review the usage analytics data from the administration console of their Coveo Cloud organization.

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