2018-06-28 Update

Coveo Cloud V2

Privilege Tab Restyling

In the Add/Edit a Group panel, the Privileges tab has been restyled. You can now define an access level for each privilege using a drop-down menu. It is also possible to define custom access levels for your sources, groups, and API keys.




SharePoint Server Source Okta Authentication

It is now possible to retrieve content from an on-premises SharePoint instance using Okta as an identity provider. When creating your SharePoint Server source, chose Okta as an authentication method and provide the required information to allow Coveo Cloud V2 to access your content.


Increase Web Source Crawling Rate

You can now increase the crawling speed for websites you own. As a standard, web crawling is limited to one request per second to prevent a distributed denial-of-service. However, if you manage a site web server, you can make Coveo Cloud V2 crawl this site at a greater rate to reduce source update time.