About Usage Analytics Service Query Suggestions

This feature is deprecated and will be disabled at the end of May 2021 in the production environment and at the end of August 2021 in the HIPAA environment. The feature is replaced by Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) Query Suggestions (QS) (see About Query Suggestions).

Query suggestions powered by the Coveo Analytics service are the most commonly used queries in which typed characters exactly match a suggested query part.

Depending on your search interface traffic and activity, the Coveo Analytics service could start suggesting popular related queries as users start typing in a search box in a matter of hours or days. To get started, you need to log usage analytics data and add the AnalyticsSuggestions component in your JS Search interface (see Coveo Component AnalyticsSuggestions).


A query isn’t suggested automatically after being sent for the first time. To be considered, a query must:

  • Be performed at least 5 times;

  • Have resulted with a click more than once;

  • Not contain a term from a list of offensive words.

  • By default, five suggestions are returned in order of query frequency (most popular at the top).

  • Suggestions are filtered to match the provided Origin 1 (page/hub) dimension value, therefore improving the suggestions relevance.

  • Suggestions are updated once every day around 01:00 AM UTC.

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