Administration Console Header

This article describes what you can do from the administration console header available in all pages.

Switch Organization

When you have access to more than one organization, you can easily switch between organizations while you remain logged in to Coveo Cloud. In the header, the Organization drop-down menu indicates the current organization that you are managing with the administration console.

In the administration console header, in the Organization drop-down menu, select the desired organization.

In a rare case where you have access to a long list of alphabetically sorted organization names, you can more easily select an organization by starting typing part of an organization name in the filter box at the top of the drop-down item list to only show matching organization names.

Log Out of Coveo Cloud

You can log out of Coveo Cloud from the member identification menu (see Logging Out of Coveo Cloud V2).

Access Documentation and Information

  1. In the administration console header, on the right side, click the question mark drop-down.

  2. In the drop-down menu, click one of the following available links to get more information about various Coveo Cloud aspects.

    Available items Use when you want to
    What’s new Learn about the latest new Coveo Cloud.
    Documentation Get help on the administration console features and actions you can perform.
    Support Find out how to get help from Coveo content or support team.
    System status Access the search and indexing Coveo Cloud service availability information.
    Security Learn how Coveo secures your cloud hosted data and its services.
    Terms and privacy Consult the Customer Agreement or Coveo Privacy Policy items.

Access the Organization Settings

The Settings panel presents information on your organization license details (such as the available source connectors, expiration date, and changes). See Accessing and Navigating the Settings Panel.

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