Reviewing and Managing Search Alert Subscriptions in the Coveo Cloud Administration Console

Any user(in Coveo Cloud V1) can review and manage search alerts from the Coveo Cloud administration console.

Authenticated users in Coveo JavaScript Search pages can also review and manage search alert subscription directly in the search interface (see Managing Search Alert Subscriptions in Coveo JavaScript Search Pages).

To review and manage search alert subscriptions in the Coveo Cloud admin

  1. Log in to your Coveo Cloud Organization.

  2. In the navigation bar on the left, under Search Content (in Coveo Cloud V1), select Search Alerts.

  3. In the Search Alerts page, you can:

    • Edit alert subscriptions

      1. In the Subscribers tab, click the Email or click the Edit icon (Icon-Edit2).

      2. In the User Alerts panel that appears, you can:

        • Remove all alerts by clicking Delete All Alerts, and then clicking Yes in the confirmation prompt.

        • Remove an alert by clicking the Delete icon (Icon-GarbageBlack).

    • View the email history

      In the Subscribers tab, click the View icon (Icon-Eye).

    • Review all sent emails

      • Click the Emails tab to see the subject, recipient address, and send time of all emails sent by the search alert component.

      • Click the View icon (Icon-Eye) on the row of the email you want to review the content.

    • Search specific alerts

      Click the Filter box, and then enter a recipient address, a date, a time, or a subject that you wish to find.

      The filter automatically applies itself as you type.