About Coveo for Salesforce Fields

Due to their syntax, Salesforce fields can’t be transferred directly in the Coveo index, which only accepts alphanumeric characters for fields. Instead, they’re translated to Coveo fields, and mapped to their Salesforce equivalent.

To access the list of indexed Salesforce fields

Accessing the list of indexed Salesforce fields is the most accurate way of knowing which Salesforce field is mapped to which Coveo for Salesforce field.

  1. If not already done, log in to your Coveo organization.

  2. In the navigation bar on the left, under Search Content > Sources, select the source whose fields you want to inspect.

  3. In the Edit Salesforce Source or Edit Knowledge Source window:

    1. On the left side, select the Salesforce Object name whose fields you want to inspect.

    2. On the right side, hover over the Field name to see which Salesforce and Coveo fields the field represents.

      • Refer to presents the Salesforce field.

      • Field presents its Coveo field equivalent.


Common Syntax for Coveo for Salesforce Fields

Coveo for Salesforce observes the following rules to translate Salesforce fields.

  • Always append Sf at the beginning of Salesforce fields. This is done to prevent collision with fields from other sources.

    CreatedDate becomes SfCreatedDate.

  • Append the object name after Sf.

    The Id field from the Account object becomes SfAccountId.

  • With fields from Custom objects, add C after the object name.

    For the custom object Custom, its Name field becomes SfCustomCName.

  • When a Salesforce field contains non-alphanumeric characters, ignore them. When doing so, capitalize the word after the non-alphanumeric character. This is done because the Coveo index only accepts fields with alphanumeric characters.

    • The Active__c field from the Account object becomes SfAccountActiveC.

    • CreatedBy.Name becomes SfCreatedByName.

There are a few exceptions to these rules, where the object name isn’t appended to the field name, or where the Salesforce field name is changed.

Depending on your Salesforce organization, the following table can be incomplete.

The most accurate way of knowing which Salesforce field is associated to which Coveo field, see To access the list of indexed Salesforce fields.

Salesforce Fields Coveo Field Equivalent
AccountNumber SfAccountNumber
AccountSource SfAccountSource
ActivityDate SfActivityDate
ApiVersion SfApiVersion
BillingCity SfCity
BillingCountry SfCountry
BillingPostalCode SfPostalCode
BillingState SfState
Birthdate SfBirthdate
CaseNumber SfCaseNumber
CleanStatus SfCleanStatus
CloseDate SfCloseDate
CommentBody SfCommentBody
CommentCount SfCommentCount
Company SfCompany
ContentData SfContentData
ContentDescription SfContentDescription
ContentFileName SfContentFileName
ContentModifiedDate SfContentModifiedDate
ContentSize SfContentSize
ContentType SfContentType
ContentUrl SfContentUrl
CreatedBy SfCreatedBy
CreatedDate SfCreatedDate
CurrencyIsoCode SfCurrencyIsoCode
DeveloperName SfDeveloperName
Email SfEmail
EndDate SfEndDate
Fax SfFax
FiscalYearSettingsId SfFiscalYearSettingsId
FullPhotoUrl SfFullPhotoUrl
HasResponded SfHasResponded
HomePhone SfHomePhone
Industry SfIndustry
IsActive SfIsActive
IsArchived SfIsArchived
IsClosed SfIsClosed
IsDefault SfIsDefault
IsHtml SfIsHtml
IsPrimary SfIsPrimary
IsPrivate SfIsPrivate
IsProtected SfIsProtected
IsPublic SfIsPublic
IsPublished SfIsPublished
IsReadonly SfIsReadonly
IsRecurrence SfIsRecurrence
IsReminderSet SfIsReminderSet
IsValid SfIsValid
Jigsaw SfJigsaw
JigsawCompanyId SfJigsawCompanyId
JigsawContactId SfJigsawContactId
Language SfLanguage
LanguageLocaleKey SfLanguageLocaleKey
LastActivityDate SfLastActivityDate
LastModifiedBy SfLastModifiedBy
LastModifiedDate SfLastModifiedDate
LastUsedDate SfLastUsedDate
Latitude SfLatitude
LeadName SfLeadName
LeadSource SfLeadSource
LikeCount SfLikeCount
LinkUrl SfLinkUrl
Location SfLocation
Longitude SfLongitude
MasterRecord SfMasterRecord
MobilePhone SfMobilePhone
NamespacePrefix SfNamespacePrefix
Owner SfOwner
RecurrenceDayOfMonth SfRecurrenceDayOfMonth
RecurrenceDayOfWeekMask SfRecurrenceDayOfWeekMask
RecurrenceEndDateOnly SfRecurrenceEndDateOnly
RecurrenceInstance SfRecurrenceInstance
RecurrenceInterval SfRecurrenceInterval
RecurrenceMonthOfYear SfRecurrenceMonthOfYear
RecurrenceStartDate SfRecurrenceStartDate
RecurrenceStartDateOnly SfRecurrenceStartDateOnly
RecurrenceStartDateTime SfRecurrenceStartDateTime
RecurrenceTimeZoneSidKey SfRecurrenceTimeZoneSidKey
RecurrenceType SfRecurrenceType
RowCause SfRowCause
SmallPhotoUrl SfSmallPhotoUrl
SolutionName SfSolutionName
StartDate SfStartDate
StartTime SfStartTime
BillingStreet SfStreet
Url SfUrl
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