Monitoring the Coveo Cloud V1 Availability

The Coveo Platform status page provides availability information such as current status, incident notes, and downtime information for all indexing, search, and usage analytics Coveo Platform services (see Coveo Cloud V1 Status Page -

The status page is available for reference at any time. You can subscribe to the page to get email, SMS, webhook, or RSS event notifications.

The status page presents the following availability information:

  • Current general systems status

  • Current specific status of each cloud services such as the Administration Console and the Usage Analytics API (Usage Analytics Read/Write API)

  • Status of individual services can be:

    • Operational

    • Degraded Performance

    • Partial Outage

    • Major Outage

  • Cloud Platform/Usage Analytics Availability and Search Response Time for the Day, Week, and Month

  • Past Incidents such as issues and scheduled maintenance

    The page only presents incidents that affect all clients.

    When a cloud service suffers a generalized performance degradation, a notice is posted on the page. However, when the indexing process doesn’t work for one client in particular, the incident doesn’t appear.


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