2018-01-17 Update

Coveo Relevance Cloud


Include Zendesk Content

You can now use the Zendesk source to add private, shared, or secured enterprise content, and therefore make your Zendesk instance searchable.

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Apply New And Customized Extensions on Source Items

You can now add and edit extensions directly from the Apply an Extension on Source Items panel. The new Add Extension and Edit Extension buttons let you manage extensions without having to close this panel and navigate back to the Add/Edit an Extension panel.

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Usage Analytics (Coveo V2 Only)


Take Advantage of Note Cards (Beta)

You can now create note cards in dashboards to include comments, explanations, or warnings explaining what’s shown on a given report tab, section, or card.

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Easy Access to Activities for Reports, Dimensions, Filters, and Exports

You can now monitor all activities that occurred in the Analytics section of the Coveo Administration Console to troubleshoot issues. You can precisely know who or what process is responsible for operations or changes on reports, dimensions, filters, and exports.

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Report Size Limit

To help make reports easier to understand and faster to load, the size of report tabs is now a limited. If you reach the limit, as stated in the pop-up, you have to move content to other tabs to optimize the report readability and speed.