Join a Coveo Cloud Organization

A coworker of yours has invited you to join a Coveo Cloud organization (see Adding and Managing Members). All you have to do is log in with the provider (Salesforce, Office 365, Google, etc.) account linked to the email address that receives the invitation to become a member of the organization (see Logging in to Coveo Cloud V2).

The invitation expires after 14 days.

Join a Coveo Cloud Organization

  1. If you have not yet received an email invitation to join a Coveo Cloud organization, contact an administrator of your Coveo Cloud organization.

  2. In your email application, open the email received from Coveo with the You have been invited to a Coveo Cloud organization subject, and then click Join Organization.

  3. In the Log into Coveo Cloud page that appears, click one of the following buttons to log in with the provider linked to your email address:

    • Log in with Google

    • Log in with Salesforce

    • Log in with Office 365

      When you get the AADSTS90093: Does not have access to consent. error message, a global administrator of your Office 365 organization must authorize you to use Coveo Cloud (see Troubleshooting Office 365 Login Issues).

    • Using Single Sign-On

  4. In the selected provider login page, enter your account credentials (see Logging in Using a Google Account, Logging in Using a Office 365 Account, Logging in Using a Salesforce Account, or Logging in Using Single Sign-On).

  5. In the Join an organization window, under You are invited to join the following organization, click the check (ac8-icon-orangecheck) icon to officially join the [Organization_Name] and Group.

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