Adding and Managing Backup Schedules

The Coveo Cloud organization owner and administrators can access the Backup page of the Coveo Cloud Administration Console to manage backup schedules at demand. A backup provides all the data required to restore the index of your Coveo Cloud organization, but doesn’t include Organization users and settings, and usage analytics data. You can’t restore a backup from the Administration Console, you must contact Coveo Support when you need to restore one of your index backups.

The Backup page isn’t available for a usage analytics only Organization because there’s no index to backup in these Organizations.

To manage backup schedules

  1. If not already done, log in to your Coveo Cloud organization with an Admin user role account.

  2. Under Search Content, select Backup.

  3. In the Backup page:


    • To add a backup schedule:

      1. Click Add Schedule. You can add up to three schedules.

      2. In the schedule bar that appears:

        1. Select the time interval (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly).

        2. Pick the day, date, or time. For the Weekly interval, you can select more than one day.

      Schedule backups preferably during off-peak hours to minimize impact on end users. You can identify the off-peak hours by reviewing your Coveo Cloud organization activity (see Reviewing and Managing Usage Analytics Explorers).

    • To modify a schedule, click on the time interval, the date, or the time to modify, and then edit its content.

    • To delete an existing schedule, in the schedule bar that you want to remove, click the Delete icon Icon-GarbageCharcoal.

    • To review the existing backups, in the History list:

      1. Look at the day, date, and time to see the previous backup time.

      2. Look at the status to see the current real-time state of the backups (Completed, In Progress, or Failed).

      By default, the Coveo Cloud Platform can keep up to five concurrent backups for your Coveo Cloud organization, the oldest ones being replaced by new ones. Contact your Coveo Sales representative if you want to increase the number of concurrent backups stored for your Coveo Cloud organization.

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