Removing Facets from a Search Page Using the Interface Editor

A default search page comes with a few facets on the left side of your search page. In most scenarios, you will want to remove some of them to keep only the ones relevant to your use case.

To remove facets from a search page using the Interface Editor

  1. Access the Interface Editor for the search page you wish to modify (see Accessing the Coveo Interface Editor).

  2. Hover over the facet you wish to delete, until it becomes highlighted.


  3. Select the trash can icon, and in the Delete a component box, select Yes.

Removing All Facets from Your Search Page

Sometimes, you will want to remove all facets from your search page. While you can follow the above procedure on every facet component, you might notice that your search page stays on the right-side of the page, leaving the left-side empty.

This is because your search page still contains a facet section. To make the search page take all the available space, you need to remove the facet section.

If you remove the facet section and later want to add facets again to your search page, you will have to manually add the facet section again.

  1. In the Interface Editor, select the Code View tab.

  2. In the <div class="coveo-main-section">, locate the <div class="coveo-facet-column">. It should be the first element of the section.

  3. Delete the <div class="coveo-facet-column"> up to its closing </div>.

  4. Select the UI View tab. You should now notice that the empty space on the left has disappeared.


What’s Next?

Continue editing your search page using the Interface Editor (see JavaScript Search Interface Editor).