Troubleshooting Office 365 Login Issues

When trying to log in to Coveo Cloud with your Office 365 account, you can get the following error message:

AADSTS90093: Does not have access to consent.

The error happens when a global administrator in Office 365 disabled the ability for users to consent to third-party applications.

To troubleshoot Office 365 login issues

  1. If the admin consent is enabled on your Office 365 organization, proceed with one of the following options before retrying to log in:

    • Ask a user of the Global Administrators group in your Office 365 organization to enable user consent.

      Enabling the user consent is less likely to happen since the feature was disabled in your Office 365 organization to prevent users to authorize random applications to access your Office 365 organization resources.


    • Ask a global administrator of your Office 365 organization to give admin consent to Coveo Cloud:

      A global administrator consent is given on behalf of all users in an Office 365 organization, meaning that your Office 365 organization users will be authorized to use Coveo Cloud.

      1. Ensure an Office 365 global administrator joins your Coveo Cloud organization, depending on the state of the organization:

        • When your Coveo Cloud organization has no members (e.g., you just created the organization), ask Coveo Support to add the Office 365 global administrator in your Coveo Cloud organization.


        • When your Coveo Cloud organization already has members, ask an administrator of your Coveo Cloud organization to invite an Office 365 global administrator in the Coveo Cloud organization (see Add Members).

          The Office 365 global administrator must be added in a group that has the privilege to edit groups (i.e., the Edit access level on the Groups domain) (see Privilege Management and Groups Domain).

      2. When logging into Coveo Cloud with an Office 365 account, the global administrator is asked to authorize the Office 365 organization users to use Coveo Cloud.

      3. Once the global administrator joined the Coveo Cloud organization, the administrator can invite you to join the organization or add a group containing your Office 365 organization domain members (see Join a Coveo Cloud Organization and Create a New Group).

  2. Retry to log in.

    Contact Coveo Support if the error persists.

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