Coveo Cloud V1 Administration Console

You use the Administration Console, a web application, to manage your Coveo Cloud Organization. Depending on your role, you can perform various tasks such as managing the indexed content of your Coveo Cloud organization (see Adding and Managing Your Coveo Cloud V1 Organization Sources) or reviewing usage analytics data (see Coveo Usage Analytics).


The user interface of the Administration Console is only available in English.

The Administration Console is organized into four sections (see Logging Into Coveo Cloud V1). The following table briefly describes the content of each section.

Section Description
Search Content Displays only the Organization content to which the user has access to, allows users to bring content [with manageable fields (metadata)] to the Organization, and then experience the search function and make content backups (see Search Content).
Analytics Allows administrators and usage analysts to monitor and measure the usage of their Coveo search solution (see Analytics).
Search Optimization Allows administrators and relevance analysts to optimize search results relevance and search experience in general (see Search Optimization).
Organization Displays the content of the license and the query performances, and allows administrators to manage the Organization settings and users (see Organization - Coveo Cloud V1).

The bottom of every Coveo Cloud screen displays a general status bar. The following table explains the role of every status bar elements.

Element Description
vN.NNN Version number of the Coveo Cloud Administration Console
© 20nn Coveo copyright. The hyperlink brings you to the Coveo Solutions, Inc. corporate website.
Subscription Agreement The hyperlink brings you to the Terms & Agreements page of the Coveo Solutions, Inc. corporate website.
What’s new The hyperlink brings you to a Coveo Cloud Online Help page where you can read about the latest improvements to the Coveo Platform.
Documentation The hyperlink brings you to the Coveo Cloud Online Help documentation.
Support The hyperlink brings you to the Coveo Solutions, Inc. customer support website page. You’ll need your username and password to access this page.
Status indication The hyperlink indicates the status of all running Coveo Cloud systems. Clicking this link brings you to the Coveo Platform status page where the availability of Coveo Platform services is indicated, as well as certain system metrics, and reports on past incidents.

What’s Next?

Access the Administration Console of your Coveo Cloud Organization (see Logging Into Coveo Cloud V1).

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