2018-04-11 Update

Coveo Cloud V2

Include Content via a REST API

You can now index content from web applications for which there is no dedicated source in the Coveo Cloud V2 administration console. To do so, you must provide a JSON configuration specifying the items and metadata Coveo Cloud V2 should retrieve and make searchable.





The new Notifications panel allows you to configure email notifications to be informed when certain operations occur in your organization.


Reworked Usage Analytics Dashboards

The usage analytics reports have been redesigned with a new look and feel that matches the rest of the administration console color scheme. The changes also include the following:

  • A uniform card look
  • More accurate time series lines (lines are no longer rounded)
  • Improved tooltips for time series
  • An icon next to card titles that are links
  • The removal of the zoom functionally when scrolling over map cards
  • An improved packed bubble chart look
  • A new background dashboard color (light gray)
  • The removal of the note card white background