Add/Edit a Twitter Source

Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to post, read, and share short (140 characters or less) messages called “Tweets”.

Twitter users can create lists of users or subscribe to lists made by other users. A list page displays the Tweets posted by list members in reverse chronological order. Users can also create collections of Tweets, which aggregate Tweets that relate to a topic or an event, and can be shared with others.

When you have the required privileges, you can add specific Twitter content to your Coveo Cloud V2 organization. This content may consist in Tweets:

  • Posted by a certain user

  • Containing certain keywords

  • Included in a certain list

  • Included in a certain collection

You want to index content regarding or related to your company. Therefore, you index Tweets posted by your company account and by your CEO, as well as relevant keywords such as product, partner, and event names. You could also index existing lists or collections made by your company account or any other user.

A Twitter source can be private or shared (see Available Coveo Cloud V2 Connectors). By default, a Twitter source undergoes a refresh every hour to retrieve Twitter content changes (publication, modification, or deletion).