Signing Up and Joining a Coveo Cloud V1 Organization

A colleague of yours that is the owner or an administrator of a Coveo Organization can invite you to sign up and join the Coveo Organization (see Inviting Users to Join Your Coveo Cloud V1 Organization).

To sign up and join a Coveo Organization

  1. If you have not yet received an email invitation to join a Coveo Organization, contact the owner or an administrator of your Coveo Organization to send you one.

  2. In your email application, open the email received from Coveo with the You're invited to join a Coveo Organization subject, and then click Accept Invitation.


  3. In the Join an Organization page that appears in your browser, your Coveo Organization account will be created based on your email address as the unique identifier:


    1. In the First Name and Last Name boxes, enter your name.

    2. In the Create Password box, choose the password that you want to set for your new Coveo Organization account.

      Your password must meet the password requirements set by the owner of your Coveo Organization.

    3. Click the Coveo Subscription Agreement link, and read its content.

    4. When you agree with the terms, select the I agree to the Coveo Subscription Agreement check box.

    5. Click Accept Invite.