Usage Analytics Known Issues Archive

This topic contains the archive of the usage analytics known issues starting with the June 2015 release.

October 2015 release known issues

Time is not included in the Start and End date selections - resolved in the November 2015 release

  • Description

    When analytics managers review specific hours of a day and save their selection, the usage analytics report reloads and shows the data of the complete day instead of the selected hours.

  • Possible solution

    Analytics managers can quickly redo their selection in the line chart when they access the report (see Reviewing and Managing Dashboards).

August 2015 release known issues

Analytics managers cannot modify their access to reports through the Users panel - resolved in the October 2015 release


  • Description

    In the Users panel, analytics managers cannot access the Manage Report Access dialog using the Action icon Icon-SourceActions. In the drop-down menu, the Manage Report Access element is missing and erroneously replaced by Manage Permissions on Analytics Data (element normally only accessible to administrators).

    Analytics managers have access to their permissions on usage analytics data, but CANNOT modify them. When analytics managers try to save changes, they get the following error message:

    The provided token is not authorized to perform organization administration operations.

  • Possible solution

    Analytics managers can manage access to reports in the reports themselves.


Exiting some dialogs using the escape key causes an unexpected error - resolved in the October 2015 release

  • Description

    Closing dialogs such as Create Named Filters and Manage Report Access using the ESC key causes the Oops! An unexpected error occurred dialog to appear.

  • Possible solution

    Close the dialog using any other methods (i.e., clicking the X icon, outside the dialog or Cancel).

June 2015 release known issue

Some click and custom event data not available in reports - resolved in the August 2015 release

  • Description

    In a table or line chart that only contains click or custom event metrics when filtering on an Origin 1, Origin 2 or Origin 3 dimension value, custom events and clicks logged after June 21, 2015 with the Coveo Usage Analytics API version 13 and prior are not displayed.


  • Possible solution

    Add a search metric in your line chart or table such as Query Count.