Release Notes for September 2018 - 1.1.180912.3

This page summarizes the new features and bug fixes introduced in the Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 September 2018 release (1.1.180912.3).

This release also includes the following versions:

New Features and Improvements

See also Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 New Features.

Issue Description Documentation
DYN-588 Make the Coveo open full search feature pass the context to the full search page Leveraging Entity Context in a Full Search Page
DYN-651 Add a default message to display in the Insight panel when no results are returned
DYN-663 Implement Email Result Action Email
DYN-693 Make result actions work with query string context Result Action Menu
DYN-694 Fetch the entity context in open full search Leveraging Entity Context in a Full Search Page
DYN-703 Show the current context when in full page Leveraging Entity Context in a Full Search Page
DYN-704 Make the Result Action buttons hover above the dividing line Result Action Menu
DYN-714 Show content security in Sources page Content Security
DYN-733 Add context to queries in full page Insight Panel Leveraging Entity Context in a Full Search Page
DYN-735 Implement Context Facet tooltip Leveraging Entity Context in a Full Search Page
DYN-743 Add a way to test a role for the required permissions Diagnosing Source Issues
DYN-762 Implement Additional Attributes option in Context Facet Leveraging Entity Context in a Full Search Page
DYN-763 Implement Context Facet component in Interface Editor Leveraging Entity Context in a Full Search Page
DYN-764 Implement Email component in Interface Editor Email
DYN-780 Add Context Facet to the default Insight Panel template Leveraging Entity Context in a Full Search Page
DYN-783 Remove hidden query from open full search, as the Context Facet now handles it Leveraging Entity Context in a Full Search Page
DYN-802 Deliver the search-ui extension through a CDN Updating the CDN Addresses of a Search Page
DYN-814 Use JavaScript Search Framework version 2.4609.6 JavaScript Search Framework August 2018 (v2.4609.6) Release Notes
DYN-815 Use the Interface Editor 1.6 Interface Editor August 2018 (v1.6) Release Notes
DYN-817 Disable Search Pages V1 page Creating a Search Page

Bug Fixes

Issue Description
DYN-706 Insight panel "Cancel last action" redirects user to previous page
DYN-711 Synchronize button is misaligned when creating a new Coveo Query for FetchXML
DYN-727 Error stating that the web resource is referenced by other component when the resource no longer exists
DYN-729 Contextual filters are not working in CoveoExtensionRefinedQuery

Interface editor does not load after a Previous/Next in Google Chrome for Mac

Fixing this issue revealed a Dynamics context issue with the Previous and Next features in search pages (see Interface Editor Glitches in Chrome for Mac).

DYN-748 Failure when publishing two pages one after the other
DYN-753 Behavior difference between Microsoft's and Coveo's Link to Case
DYN-767 Paging issues in the Search Pages page
DYN-769 Insight context component does not support strings
DYN-779 Context Facet not resized properly
DYN-782 Request too long when saving a long fetch XML query
DYN-785 Default Case result template includes the Link to Case result action
DYN-788 Result Action Component is not at the right place in Internet Explorer 11
DYN-791 No feedback when editing only the auth user of a credentials source without changing the password
DYN-803 Confluence result template layout components are misplaced
DYN-809 New search pages should have the "Enable for mobile" option set to true
DYN-821 Configuration section in the navigation menu should not collapse when Administration Console is clicked