Failure When Populating Quick Create Form Fields With Long Values

This known issue affects Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 1.1.180418.7 (April 2018) and later versions (see Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Release Notes).


When using the Quick Create component, you can use the formParameters parameter to populate form fields with search result content (see ForDynamicsQuickCreate Component).

However, when trying to populate a field with a long value:

  • In the regular user interface, the Quick Create form loads endlessly without any error message.
  • In the Unified Interface, an error message is displayed on the problematic Quick Create form field.
  • If you set options openInNewWindow to true and useQuickCreateForm to false, the window that opens shows a 400 Request Too Long error.

You try to create a knowledge article and want its description to be the content of the @dycontent search result field. Your component is therefore the following:

<div class='CoveoForDynamicsQuickCreate' data-entityId="knowledgeArticle" open-in-new-window="true" use-quick-create-form="false" data-form-parameters='{"title" : {"field": "@title"}, "description" : {"field": "@dycontent"}}'></div>

Since the content of the @dycontent field is susceptible to be long, you might experience the failure described above.


This is a Dynamics limitation.


There are two possible workarounds. They may however not solve the issue; the error messages Dynamics displays when you encounter this failure, if any, are usually generic, giving you no hint as to what to correct.

  • When using the Quick Create form, choose a Coveo field whose content doesn’t exceed the Dynamics field character limit. For example, the Description field is limited to 155 characters.

  • When using the openInNewWindow option, use a form field that accepts more characters if possible. For example, the knowledge base article creation form has a Content field that isn’t limited to 155 characters.

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