Coveo for Sitecore 5 is now available!

Release Notes for July 2018 - 4.1.414.9

This release includes the 1.2537.57 and 2.4094.8 versions of the JavaScript Search Framework (see May 2018 Maintenance Release (v1.2537.57) and May 2018 Release (v2.4094.8)).

This page summarizes the new features and fixed support cases introduced in the Coveo for Sitecore July 2018 release (4.1.414.9).

To download the July 2018 release, see Downloads.

For the upgrade procedure, see Upgrading from May 2018 (4.1.342.10) to July 2018 (4.1.414.9).

Issue number Enhancement
SC-1445 Reduce the load on the platform through better scheduling of call retries.
SC-1743 Tag searches performed in Sitecore with originContext value WebsiteSearch for analytics purposes.
SC-2343 Implement permanentids for Machine Learning (see About the permanentid Field).
SC-2347 Associate API keys to API key templates rather than on individual privileges.
SC-2631 Minimize number of calls to the Cloud Platform when updating a user or a role.
SC-2756 [Command Center] Allow Coveo for Sitecore configuration and activation through the Command Center (see Understanding the Command Center).
SC-2784 [Command Center] Upon attempt to access a Command Center page when not logged in, prompt user for Sitecore credentials and then redirect user to requested page.
SC-2797 [Command Center] Allow the removal of unused fields.
SC-2814 [Command Center] Provide a user interface to display the list of fields (Template, External, and Computed).
SC-2817 [Command Center] Add a filter box in the Fields section of the Command Center to allow for searches on Field Name and Translated Name.
SC-2839 Support SXA 1.7.
SC-2846 Support Sitecore version 8.2 update 7.
SC-2861 [Index Service] Cache responses from GET calls to /indexes service.
SC-2864 Record Coveo events in the Experience Profile.
SC-2874 [Command Center] Provide user interface to create or select an organization in Coveo Cloud.
SC-2910 [Command Center] Display the current state of Coveo for Sitecore in Configuration section.
SC-2926 [Command Center] Streamline the Coveo Cloud organization provisioning process.
SC-2932 [Command Center] User interface improvements.
SC-2967 Support Sitecore version 9.0 update 2.
Issue number Service created
SC-2785 Provide a service to list computed fields.
SC-2813 Provide a service to expose the IndexPermissions configuration.
SC-2815 Provide a service to expose field limit information.
SC-2853 Provide a service allowing the creation of a Coveo Cloud organization.
SC-2854 Create a service to generate API keys.
SC-2873 Create a service to list the available organizations in Coveo Cloud.
SC-2933 Create a service to get Coveo for Sitecore activation state.
SC-2934 Create a service to get Coveo for Sitecore configuration information.
Issue number Case Fixed support case
SC-2943 00041306 Fixed issue with IndexOutOfRangeException thrown during rebuild.
Issue number Bug fix
SC-985 Moved DateSelector.xml file to the Website\sitecore modules\Shell\Coveo\CustomFields folder.
SC-2763 Strengthened security in storage mechanism for certain data.
SC-2881 [Command Center] Clarified the Last rebuild information.
SC-2888 Fixed issue with External Content placeholder label not appearing when the external source was empty.
SC-2889 Fixed issue with clickable URI of search result items not being properly set.
SC-2898 Fixed issue with Coveo Hive Page View component not outputting correct contentIDKey value.
SC-2900 Fixed issue with log message referencing the <SiteName> configuration element rather than <siteName> (incorrect casing).
SC-2901 Fixed issue with SXA reference JSON files being included in release packages.
SC-2944 [Command Center] Fixed issue with exceptions thrown during an index rebuild not being displayed in interface.
SC-2959 Fixed issue with document indexing producing duplicate metadata for some fields.
SC-2999 Fixed issue with Session is not Initialized exception occurring mainly on Sitecore 8.0 Coveo Platform authentication and on Coveo Diagnostic Page.