Release Notes for June 2018 - 1.1.180614.17

This page summarizes the new features and bug fixes introduced in the Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 June 2018 release (1.1.180614.17).

This release also includes the following versions:

New Features and Improvements

See also Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 New Features.

Issue Description Documentation
DYN-150 Add the license type in the License page License
DYN-332 Add the name of the edited interface in the Interface Editor
DYN-467 Search Pages V2 - Side panel interface Coveo Side Panel
DYN-468 Hide side panel button when not required
DYN-557 Search Pages V2 Frame
DYN-558 Search Pages V2 - Interface Editor
DYN-559 Search Pages V2 - List the pages in the configuration tool
DYN-561 Search Pages V2 - Feature Flag
DYN-562 Search Pages V2 - Publishing Flow Managing Search Pages
DYN-569 Rework Insight interface - Header Coveo Insight Panel
DYN-580 Search Pages V2 - Interface Creator
DYN-582 Rework Insight interface - Result templates Coveo Insight Panel
DYN-584 Update documentation links to
DYN-586 When searching with the Insight panel, stop injecting the context in the search Coveo Insight Panel
DYN-595 Update UI components reference documentation for version 1.1.180418
DYN-598 Add/Edit Source panel - Show/Hide the Credentials section based on whether it is available Add/Edit a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Source Panel
DYN-602 CreateOrUpdateCoveoConfig workflow activation test on Diagnostic page Diagnostic
DYN-609 Search Pages V2 - Handle page types Classic and Insight Panel Search Pages
DYN-612 Make it possible to update the security setting of a source Add/Edit a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Source Panel
DYN-615 Add the CoveoOpenFullSearch component by default to Insight panels Coveo Insight Panel
DYN-625 Search Pages V2 - Small improvements story
DYN-631 Search Page V2 - Add the name of the edited interface in the Interface Editor
DYN-636 ResultActionsMenu component editor nodes
DYN-644 Clicking Coveo Search again should close the side panel Coveo Side Panel
DYN-647 Search Page V2 - Disable creation of new V1 search page when V2 is enabled Managing Search Pages
DYN-661 Search Page V2 - Add tooltip to Default and Side Panel tags

Bug Fixes

Issue Description
DYN-594 Result Action Component - Incomplete action result box
DYN-614 Title and body mappings not created for FetchXML entities
DYN-616 Query string of the CoveoContextualQueryFilter component should not be encoded
DYN-624 Failure when linking a knowledge base article to a new unsaved case
DYN-626 Unexpected interactions between built-in Attach to Case and Coveo Link to Case
DYN-637 Hide or disable diagnostic page “expansion arrow” if everything is fine for a test
DYN-640 Indexing Conditions - Add a space and the type beside field name
DYN-641 Unable to select a field to build a condition
DYN-645 Unable to resume from Dynamics
DYN-646 Rebuild status string typo
DYN-652 Invalid title mapping for cases using FetchXML
DYN-653 Increase width at which insight panel starts to grow
DYN-654 Show result actions on a read-only case
DYN-668 Link to case tooltip not centered and on three lines
DYN-669 YouTube result template has odd behavior in a small window
DYN-670 Quick create not loading the form and/or error message
DYN-679 Scroll bars are rendered over action results on Mac
DYN-683 Missing description string on disableOnUserQuery parameter