Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 New Features

Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates are regularly made available to offer new and improved features (see Upgrade).

This page presents the main new features of each major release. You can also review the detailed release notes for each Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 major update (see Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Release Notes).

November 2018: 1.1.181114.5

Release notes

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Additional Diagnostic Tools

Additional diagnostic tools have been added for your organization and sources.

In the Diagnostic page, the new Limits tab allows you to review the content licensing limits set for your Coveo organization, as well as your usage of certain features. In the Components tab, you can now click Refresh to run the tests again and update their status.


Limits tab

An additional source-specific diagnostic test is also available starting with this release. This test validates that a source has not reached its mappings limit yet.


Source diagnostic tests

Unified Interface App

Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution packages now include a Coveo application for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Client Interface (UCI). This application is automatically installed in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance and allows you to access the Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 configuration interface from the UCI.


Unified Interface app list

September 2018: 1.1.180912.3

Release notes

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Email Component

An Email search result action is now available. When an Insight panel is displayed within a case page, you can click the Email option to email a knowledge article returned in the search results to the case contact. An email form opens with the From, To, Subject fields, as well as the email body, already filled for more convenience. The Email component therefore makes it easier and faster to share a knowledge article relevant to a case.


Email Component in Result Action Menu

Entity Context in Full Search Pages

The Context Facet component has been introduced to complement the Full Search component. This new component allows you to load entity context in an Insight panel opened into a full search page. In addition, in the full search page, this component displays a facet showing the key details of the entity you were viewing before you opened the full search page.


Context Facet in a Full Search Page

Search Pages

In the June 2018 release, a Search Page V2 page was added to the configuration interface menu as part of a gradual replacement of the Search Pages page. The original Search Pages page has now been replaced with the new Search Pages V2 page, which has been renamed Search Pages.

If you have not migrated your search pages yet, you can still access them at: [DynamicsURL]/WebResources/coveo_ConfigurationSource#/SearchPagesLegacy.

June 2018: 1.1.180614.17

The initial June 2018 release was 1.1.180614.17. However, a minor update has been released to fix some issues.

The official June 2018 release is 1.1.180614.21 (see Release Notes for June 2018: Minor Release 1.1.180614.21).

Release notes

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Search Pages V2

In the Microsoft Dynamics 365 administration menu, a Search Pages V2 entry has beed added. The corresponding page is very similar to the Search Pages page, which will be removed in an upcoming release. In the meantime, the coexistence of both pages allows you to migrate your search pages from one to another.

Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 administration menu

In the Search Pages V2 page, the search page versioning flow has been improved. Previously, you would create a new version of a page, edit it, and then publish it. Now, you can directly edit your search page. After you save, your page is flagged as Draft. When you’re ready to make your changes available to users, you can publish the page. [more]

Publishing a page labeled "Draft"

Search pages are now managed as Microsoft Dynamics 365 web resources. As a result, to embed an Insight panel in an entity form, you can now reference the desired panel using its web resource name. Previously, you had to select a generic web resource name and specify the ID of the panel to embed. [more]

Add Web Resource panel

The default Insight panel has also been improved. New result templates have been added, and the Open Full Search button is now located in the upper-right corner for more visibility.

New Insight Panel Design

April 2018: 1.1.180418.7

The initial April 2018 release was 1.1.180418.7. However, a minor update has been released to fix a known issue (see First Source Created in a New Organization Fails).

The official April 2018 release is 1.1.180418.15 (see Release Notes for April 2018: Minor Release 1.1.180418.15).

Release notes

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Additional Insight Panel Components

Three new search result actions have been introduced in the Insight panel:

  • Link to case, which allows you to link a knowledge article to the case you’re displaying;
  • Mark as relevant, which annotates the displayed entity with a link to the selected result;
  • Quick Create, which allows you to create a new entity without leaving the current entity.


Insight panel with More clicked for a knowledge article result. The drop-down menu displays the result action options.

Application User Automatic Creation

When creating your first Microsoft Dynamics 365 source and authorizing the Coveo connector, you now no longer need to create and configure an application user.


Authorize Coveo Connector dialog on top of the Add a Microsoft Dynamics 365 source panel.

Search Page Versioning

The search page Interface Editor integrated to Microsoft Dynamics 365 now supports versioning for a smoother publication process. You can therefore create a new version of a published search page and edit it without impacting the original page.


In the Search Pages page, in the More drop-down menu, the Create a New Version and Published options

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