Enabling the Interface Editor in Your Salesforce Organization

The Coveo for Salesforce V2 package must have access to the API to allow the Interface Editor to operate. When you upgrade Coveo for Salesforce from a version prior to the March 2015 release, you must disable API restrictions to enable the Interface Editor.

You may get the following error message in the Apex code within a managed package when API restrictions are enabled:

Insufficient access; can't execute Metadata operation with PAC enabled session id

Allow API Access to the Coveo for Salesforce V2 Package

  1. In Salesforce, access the Installed Package page.

  2. On the Installed Package page, click the Coveo for Salesforce V2 link.

  3. On the Coveo for Salesforce V2 (Managed) page, next to API Access, click Disable Restrictions.

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