Customizing the Lightning Insight Panel Options

Lightning Experience

Pro and Enterprise editions only

Coveo for Salesforce 3 (May 2018)

After having created your Coveo Lightning Insight Panel, you might want to customize some of its options. This article explains the different options of the Coveo Lightning Insight Panel.

Changing the Name of the Component

The name of the Visualforce component to use as your search interface for the component.

If that component does not exist in your organization, you will be prompted to create it.

The default value is coveoLightningInsightPanel.

Modifying the Search Hub

The name of the search hub to enforce when authenticating a query with this search token, which can also be used in query pipeline condition statements.

Adding Record Fields

The record fields to send with every query to be used in query pipeline rules.

This option expects a comma-separated list of Salesforce field names.

By default, the Case_Subject and Case_Description fields are used.

Modifying the Full Search Component Name

The name of the Visualforce component that should open when clicking on the Full Search button.

The value for this option should follow the myNamespace:myComponent syntax.

When empty, the default search page is used.

This option is empty by default.

Adding the Debug Mode

Whether to load the non-minified versions of the resources. This enables more logging, and should only be used when troubleshooting the custom code in your component.

By default, this option is unchecked.

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