Creating Multi-Value Fields

Free edition only - Deprecated

The Coveo for Salesforce Free edition allows you to have many values associated to the same Salesforce field, creating what’s called a multi-value field. This type of value allows you to classify an item in many categories at the same time, increasing its searchability in your search pages.

Declaring a Multi-Value Field

The first thing to do is to declare your field as multi-value.

  1. In Salesforce, go to Setup.

  2. Under the object whose fields you want to change, select Fields.

    You want to make the Current Generator(s) field multi-valued. Because this field is an Opportunity field, you select Fields under Build > Customize > Opportunity.

  3. Next to the field you want to make multi-valued, select Edit.

  4. Under Field Information, next to Help Text, enter CoveoMultiValue. Keep the spacing and casing the same.

Your field is now considered a Coveo Multi-Value field, and can be used as such.

Using a Multi-Value Field

Once a field has been declared as multi-value, you can enter more than one value for that field.

To do so, enter every value separated by semi-colons. Don’t add spaces before or after the semi-colon.

You have a client that has two different generators: a John Deere generator, and a Yamaha one. To prevent duplicating the client’s information, you decided to make the Current Generator(s) field multi-valued.

In the Current Generator(s) field, you enter the following value, noting the absence of spaces before and after the semi-colon:

John Deere;Yamaha
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