Error While Performing JWT Flow for the Requested User When Using Customer Community or Portal User With the Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition

Free edition only - Deprecated


When connecting to your community as a Customer Community or Portal user, or if you chose a Customer Community or Portal user as your guest user (see Creating a Guest User Profile for Your Community), you get the following error message when trying to access your Coveo search components:

Something went wrong.
If the problem persists contact the administrator.

Selecting More Information gives you the following error message:

  "message": "Request Error : Error while performing JWT flow for the requested user.",
  "status": 400,
  "type": "Ajax Error (status: 400)",
  "name": "Ajax Error (status: 400)"


There are a few possible causes for this issue:


To solve this issue, you must ensure that the usernames of your customer community or portal users are unique to all Salesforce organizations.

Also, ensure that you have allowed the right profiles in the Connected Apps (see Allowing User Impersonation).

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