Coveo for Salesforce V2 Versus Coveo for Salesforce Service Cloud (V1)

The Coveo for Salesforce V2 package introduced in June 2015 is the second generation Salesforce integration by Coveo.

What Are the Differences Between the Two Packages?

The following table outlines the differences between the two packages.

Aspect Coveo for Salesforce V2 Coveo for Salesforce Service Cloud (V1)
Initial release July 2015 Release - AppExchange v2.2 June 2014.1 Release - AppExchange v1.802.1
State General availability Deprecated
Update content New features and bug fixes Bug fixes only
Update periodicity Monthly As needed
Bundled framework JavaScript Search Framework V1 JavaScript Search Framework V0.9
Insight Panel type

JavaScript Search like boxes

(Customizable with the Interface Editor and developer friendly)

Visualforce Insight Panel

Supported browser version changes1

IE 9, 10




Supported mobile operating system changes

iOS 7, 8

iOS 8.x, 9.x

Android 5.x

Package name Coveo for Salesforce V2 Coveo for Salesforce Service Cloud
Namespace CoveoV2 CoveoSolutions

Note 1: Internet Explorer (IE) applies to full search interfaces and the Interface Editor on a desktop.

What are the advantages of the new package?

The advantages of the Coveo for Salesforce V2 package are:

  • Significantly simplified provisioning process to create and connect to a Coveo organization and get out-of-the-box search interfaces (see Configuring the Coveo for Salesforce Application).

  • Search page creation wizard to deploy a standard search page tailored to your indexed content in a few clicks.
  • Entirely redesigned Insight Panels based on the JavaScript Search Framework:

    • Customizable by administrators with the Interface Editor (including result templates), as are search interfaces.

    • Easily customizable by developers familiar with the JavaScript Search Framework.

    • Easier integration of custom action such as Attach to Case, Insert into Feed, etc.

    • Improved flexibility for contextual queries.

    • Support for facet and sort components.

    • Manually customized HTML markup remains compatible with the Interface Editor

  • Bundles the new JavaScript Search Framework V1.

  • Under the hood, the codebase was refactored and cleaned to eliminate old artifacts.

Which package should I use?

  • New customers

    When you’re new to Coveo for Salesforce, use the new Coveo for Salesforce V2 package.

  • Existing customers

    When you currently use the original Coveo for Salesforce Service Cloud (V1) package:

    • Keep using the Coveo for Salesforce Service Cloud (V1) package as long as its current features and bug fix updates fulfill your needs.

    • Consider migrating when you need exclusive features of the new Coveo for Salesforce V2 package.

      Coveo for Salesforce V2 is an independent package from the original Coveo for Salesforce Service Cloud (V1) package. The two packages can be installed side-by-side in a Salesforce organization.

Does the new package also apply to Service Cloud?

Yes. Even though Service Cloud was dropped from the package name, the Coveo for Salesforce V2 still targets Salesforce Service Cloud, both support agents, and customer/partner communities.

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